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FAMESPY EXCLUSIVE: Interview with NATALI GERMANOTTA! LADY GAGA’S Aspiring Fashion Designer Lil Sis Makes Debut in ‘Telephone’ Video:

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Natali Germanotta, the younger sister of Stefani Joanne Germanotta, also known as Lady Gaga, made her debut in the “Telephone” video. Since then, everyone from Page Six to Gawker has been talking about Natali, dying to know what she’s like, what she thinks of her sister’s fame, and does she wear Gaga’s clothes.

In the video, 17-year-old Natali plays one of the women put in prison with Gaga, who is subsequently broken out of jail by Beyonce Knowles. “When she [Gaga] is on the phone in jail, there’s a girl behind her that’s in the frame that looks a lot like Gaga,” designer Brian Lichtenberg says. “That’s her sister.”

I actually spoke with Natali Germanotta, Lil Gaga as I call her, during New York Fashion Week in February.

Seated in the front row of the Allison Parris Fall 2010 runway show was Natali Germanotta, aspiring fashion designer and the younger sister of pop-superstar Lady Gaga.

As a fan of brand’s feminine aesthetic, Natali described Allison’s fall collection as “new and fresh” and loved how she delicately incorporated masculine details, such as leather and chains, into the soft and lush pieces while still retaining a coquettish feel.

Natali became a fan of the brand after she donned an Allison Parris Lace Trapeze Dress to the 2010 Grammy Awards. The organic cotton crocheted confection (retail $300) has sexy grosgrain straps and is Drop Dead Gorgeous!!

Natali worked backstage at the Allison Parris Fall 2010 show and Parris said of her experience working with Germanotta, “Anyone who has worked back stage at a fashion week show knows that it’s not nearly as glamorous as it sounds. Natali was a pleasure to have backstage on our crew though, she jumped right in and let us know that she was there to work and willing to do anything.

Lace Trapeze Dress

“At one point I passed by her and she was sitting on the cement floor in her dress and heels cutting out seating assignment numbers for the chairs. She doesn’t act entitled at all, it’s very endearing.”

Endearing certainly describes Natali and her relaxed demeanor. When I approached her about an interview she seemed surprised, and cautious, and when I explained what I wanted to discuss she smiled with approval and checked with mom, who gave me the ok.

Dressed head-to-toe in what I call the NYC uniform – black ruffled button-down shirt, black slim pants, and black heels – Natali fit right in with the fashionable attendee’s at the show.

When I asked Natali about her experience working backstage she replied, “I’ve got to start somewhere” and then added, “It’s interesting to learn the ropes.”

Even though she is still in high school, Natali aspires to be a fashion designer herself. Well spoken and thoughtful, she speaks highly of designers that have grasped the concept of creating interchangeable pieces that are meant to be mixed with other items in your wardrobe, allowing the wearer to create their own unique look.

Germanotta’s maturity was refreshing and her ability to engage in a conversation had me surprised that I was talking to a high school student. But her enthusiasm and excitement over the industry, and what her future holds, had my attention. Not one to ride the coattails of anyone, Natali aspires to do it on her own.

It’s this fashion sixth sense that Natali takes away from her fabulous older sister, Lady Gaga. It’s obvious that Natali doesn’t share the same outlandish fashion sensibility as her older sister, but I was still curious how she is inspired by her.

When I asked Natali if she is influenced by what her sister wears she paused and her boyfriend quickly spoke up saying, “It’s not even the same thing.” Unsure of his defensive response I asked if my question was a concern, but Natali quickly held his hand as if to let him know she could handle herself and went on with the interview.

Reverting back to her initial thoughts on interpreting fashion into something totally unique and your own, Natali said although Lady Gaga has the luxury of working with multiple designers to gain access to the most sought-after, high-end pieces, she uses those items create a unique look that reflects her own personal style. Mixing and matching styles, contrasting prints, textures, Lady Gaga takes inspiration from the original garments, but ends up with a look that it truly her own.

Even though Natali Germanotta doesn’t wear the avant-garde, fashion-forward pieces worn by Lady Gaga, she admires the artistic approach of each garment and her sister’s ability to achieve the unexpected, which is what the Germanotta sisters are all about.


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