Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Huge Monster Hit Album!!!

Lady GaGa has done it once again with her second studio album of 8 new tracks (you even get a bonus track, a remix of Bad Romance) that she put out as a "thank you" to all her wonderful fans she calls her "little monsters." This album is very influenced by European dance, German techno, and Goth synths, but is mainly a pure pop album. The stand out tracks on here are: the lead off single, Bad Romance which is currently #1 on both the iTunes singles & video charts, Monster (my personal favorite), Speechless (a song GaGa wrote for her father), Dance In the Dark, Telephone feat. Beyonce, and So Happy I Could Die. The whole album is really wonderful and truly amazing, but those are the best tracks. There will be a total of 4 singles to The Fame Monster to be released. What is great about this album is that you can complete your album to The Fame, by only purchasing, these 9 great new tracks to The Fame Monster! Not a bad deal for only $7.99!! Thank you Lady GaGa for giving us fans more fanstastic new music that you are sharing with the world, and this time it is personal and has nothing to do with The Fame. I love you GaGa!


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